Heating pump

Efficient heating pumps

Read more about the efficiency and comfort of a Bosch heating pump.

Into a connected future

Into a connected future

Connected technology for connected life – this is what drives us at Bosch. For the solutions of tomorrow, we network ideas.

New Bosch Car Service trailer

Bosch Car Service – top service for all makes of vehicles.

Latest news

2015-06-22 | Denmark | Corporate News

News only in Danish


2015-05-26 | Bosch Group | Corporate News

62nd Bosch International Automotive Press Briefing

Mobility Solutions sector continues strong growth. Unit sales of ESP, diesel systems, and gasoline systems each increased ... more

2015-04-30 | Bosch Group | Corporate News

Good start to the current year - Bosch improves sales in all business sectors

Growth targets surpassed in 2014, despite difficult environment Sales expected to rise by 3 to 5 percent in 2015 Increasing ... more

2015-03-24 | Bosch Group | Corporate News

MEMS Sensors - Key technology for the connected world

Small parts, big impact: they save lives, increase driving comfort, help conserve energy, and are an essential part of consumer ... more

2015-02-23 | Bosch Group | Product News

Bosch wiper blades rank 1st and 2nd at the latest ADAC test

Bosch Aerotwin achieves good wiping results – even at low temperatures Bosch Twin Spoiler standard wiper blade obtains ... more


About Bosch in Denmark

Contact to Bosch

Contact to Bosch

Business sectors and divisions

Business Sectors and divisions

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services.



In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. This was the birth of today's globally active Robert Bosch GmbH.



The Bosch Group employs associates in more than 50 countries. Learn more about our locations for research and development, manufacturing, and sales across the globe.

Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability and Innovation

Corporate social responsibility at Bosch cannot be summed up in a few words. Visit our web portal to learn what it means to us.


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