“I had the assumption that this would give great opportunities for an interesting career path and great learning. And I was not wrong…"

Charlotte Axelsen, Retail Marketing Manager

At Bosch Denmark, Charlotte has many different tasks. Some are project oriented and others include travelling to other countries. This diversity is why she enjoys working for the Bosch group.

After Charlotte finished her studies at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, she found her job at Bosch Denmark via Jobindex. The international working environment fascinated Charlotte and motivated her to apply. Today, her department includes 12 colleagues in Ballerup and more in Norway, Sweden and Finland. This international diversity is exactly why she likes to work for Robert Bosch A/S.

Charlotte has many different tasks in her daily job. She likes the diversity and describes them as “some that require entrepreneurial skills and some that are more routine tasks.” Her flexibility and freedom in time management are two things she further enjoys a lot about her work. The job leaves enough time for her family, sports and her card-playing club.

From her first weeks Charlotte distinctively remembers the shared pride of being a part of the Bosch family and how friendly and helpful everyone was.

When Charlotte started her job, the dimension of the Bosch group and the resulting process were the most challenging for her. Because of the size there was “a whole language of” abbreviations to learn. “It takes time to get the overview of the business and in the beginning, this is challenging. But somehow you get there.”


Next to mastering the initial challenge, she learned to maneuver an environment with many different opinions and priorities. For this she had to learn how to analyze and steer the business, enhance her communication skills, and much more.

Today, prioritizing her focus and energy is her biggest challenge because of the many tasks and involvement opportunities that Bosch Nordic offers. Bosch cares about the development, e.g. by having many trainings. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and professional. “For the next couple of years I see myself developing further in my current position and area of business, and after that time will tell” If you are dreaming about challenges, a diverse environment and international colleagues, then this is your chance!

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