“Bosch saw an opportunity in me and gave me the responsibility as Brand Manager.”

Helle Kristiansen, Brand Manager

As Brand Manager at Bosch, Helle works within the field of Branding and Marketing. In this position, she is responsible for marketing Bosch heating and energy solutions in the Danish market. As such, her main purpose and function is to enhance the awareness of Bosch heating and energy solutions.

Helle holds an international Master’s degree in business communication and marketing from CBS. During my studies, she developed a skill set in communication, marketing and international business. Moreover, she gained much knowledge on these subjects. “This skill set and knowledge, I use every day in my job in the way I handle tasks and solve challenges.”

In general, Helle likes that she decides and plans advertisement material, campaigns on Social Media. “The most exciting part of my job is constantly optimizing our marketing initiatives and, thus, having to think in both strategic and innovative solutions, which deliver strong results.” About Bosch as an employer, she has three points that she enjoys the most:

1) Bosch gave Helle a lot of responsibility right from the start. “Having this responsibility after graduating resulted in a steep and challenging learning curve, which suits me well.”

2) Bosch focuses on developing its employees. For Helle it is important to develop her career and skill set. At Bosch she can develop both.

3) At Bosch, Helle works across countries and cultures. “It stimulates me to work in a diverse company like Bosch.” Working in such an environment can be both – challenging and rewarding. Innovative ideas are often the outcome.


The most challenging part of Helle’s job is stakeholder management. A company like Bosch has many stakeholders – and to navigate in this complex stakeholder map can be challenging. However, in Helle’s opinion the benefits of this stakeholder map (e.g. cross-cultural collaboration) excess the challenges.

“Bosch is an attractive company for me because of its size, global presence and because it creates innovative products that improve living standards around the world. As a result, Bosch is a diverse company, which values and mission motives me.”