Memet Vurat

“There is such thing as too much office cake. You might think you can resist it, but you cannot.”

Application Engineer Memet Vural

Before his work for Bosch, Memet studied Electrical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). “I saw the job description on LinkedIn and decided to go for it – even though I did not know what an application engineer was back then.” And he is still learning more about his position as he goes.

When Memet started at Bosch, he only knew that they make washing machines. “My mom is still asking me to make her a new one to this day.” He quickly learned that Bosch is so much more. Memet especially likes the support he gets from his team at home as well as abroad. “The great thing about Bosch is that we have an expert somewhere in the world for almost every niche.”

Memet likes the diversity of his work the most. It combines travelling and individual work. “My working days can be quite diverse: One day, I can be at office, programming a feature for the customer, the next day abroad to implement and test it on their systems, and the third day I usually spend crying in the bathroom because they destroyed the equipment again.” The position as application engineer requires skills in programming, electrical troubleshooting and communication. He states himself that “it never gets boring!”


Memet’s biggest challenge when he started was getting his colleagues’ names right and convincing the service department to book extra leg room for his flights. Also, learning all the acronyms challenged him in his starting months. Since then, the extent to which they eat cake at his department turned out to be a boon and bane: “There is such thing as too much office cake. You might think you can resist it, but you cannot. Your coworkers will exploit every opportunity - every achievement, and every letdown - to feed you the sugary monstrosity, turning a once beloved comfort food of yours into your greatest nemesis. Slowly but surely, you watch helplessly as your once-vigorous physique from university dissolve into an unhealthy blurb of sadness, devoid of any strength or hope. It tastes good, though!”

For the future, Memet hopes not to electrocute himself.