”Every day I get an opportunity to develop my skills further and grow into a better version of myself – I am very grateful to have such an amazing job!”

In her position, Mette takes care of managing and developing the Danish Rexroth division as well as Sales Excellence in the North European region. She does so in close cooperation with the Danish and the North European management teams. Mette says that she learns a lot from these collaborations, especially with the North European General Manager, whom she considers as her mentor and sparring partner.

Mette applied for her first position in Bosch as HR Manager “the good old-fashioned way”: she found Rexroth’s job add on Jobindex and submitted her application. “My first 4 years in Bosch I had the role as HR Manager of Rexroth Denmark, which was the perfect entrance into the organization for me: I was given a lot of responsibility and room for autonomy from the beginning, which made me grow professionally and personally”. Two years ago Mette took over the position as Deputy Director of Rexroth Denmark; “to be offered such a radical career shift from HR management to sales management is to me a clear indicator of Bosch’s strong commitment to develop talents”. Furthermore, she can relate to Bosch’s values, which fit to her own belief. “It gives me a sense of purpose.”

Today, she can only advice any interested talent to apply for a position at Bosch. Mette’s work days are often very busy. “I usually meet many diverse challenges every day, which I try to solve in cooperation with my fantastic colleagues. And most days when I reflect on my way home from a busy workday, I feel we have found some good solutions together or at least made the first steps in the right direction.”


For Mette, Bosch is an interesting company: “As an example, the diversity of products and technologies in Bosch is unique in comparison to many other companies. Most people are not aware of how diversified Bosch actually is. This product diversity gives Bosch the power to stay at the forefront of development and market trends”. She further appreciates Bosch as a foundation, which supports many charitable causes all over the world.

“My biggest challenge now has been my biggest challenge since I started”. Mette believes that “we must strive continuously to develop the organization into something better than it was yesterday”.

Her focus is mainly on culture, due to her conviction that good culture produces good business results. “We have a very friendly culture at Bosch, which I believe is one of our biggest assets. Being part of a community that cares about people is of key importance to me.”