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Bosch i Danmark

“Being a part of this huge Bosch family means being part of something bigger.”

Nora Winkler-Kofoed, Business Analyst

Career Story

As Business Analyst, Nora is part of the management team. As such, she takes care of the sales figures, revenue reductions and takes part in the rollout of various projects into the region. She works closely with the sales managers and consolidates the sales budgets for planning and forecasts.

Nora’s story at Bosch started in 2003. As part of her studies in Business Administration and Economics, she had an internship at Robert Bosch France in the Original Equipment Supplier Sales Team for Renault. She then wrote her Master’s thesis at Robert Bosch Germany/France for Bosch Diesel Systems in Sales and Logistics for the customer Renault . In March 2003, she got her first job at Automotive Aftermarket Original Equipment Supplier in Customer Service for Industrial Customers in Karlsruhe . In April 2007, she got an expat contract and took over the back office group leadership at Robert Bosch Denmark for Automotive Aftermarket, and then became the team leader for Customer Service. Since 2011, she has held the position of Business Analyst for Automotive Aftermarket.

Nora gets most enjoyment from the cooperation with her colleagues. “We are a very diverse team, with different cultural backgrounds and histories.” The cooperation gives her the opportunity to be where the decisions are made, and to contribute with her input and experience. Nora also likes to support the sales managers in their decisions. “I feel that I can make a difference to their daily work.” Furthermore, Nora also appreciates the sense of purpose that the job gives her: at Bosch, she is part of something bigger. Bosch develops the new products and services of tomorrow “that make life easier to so many people in so many areas of life, and this is fascinating.”


Alongside her advisory tasks, Nora also administrates the trade agreements between the Bosch Group and its customers. She is also involved in sales-related aspects and in efficiency projects. “When I have time, I enjoy facilitating workshops, thereby helping others to improve processes and teamwork, or to find answers to strategic or organisational questions.”

For Nora, relocating from Germany to Denmark has been the most challenging part of her career. She not only started in a new position with new responsibilities and tasks, she also had to integrate in a new country with a different culture, learn the language, and make new friends. “That was definitely a real challenge.”